Monday, April 18, 2011

The War

Once people fought for protecting their country and protecting themselves.  Personal interests never came. Personal interests were very little matter than country and nations. People were devoted; nations were devoted to protect their country. This kind of fighting means a real war. But it’s true that all the war’s target were not honest, not good.

If you see the past history of the war you will know lots about it. All the senior generation of the world they know, what war is. Present generation are also realising the real facts of the war. How cruel, how dangerous a war can be. Here I would like to mentions some name of the war in the world.

Names of the War:

World War I

 World War II

 Gulf War

 Iraq War

 Afghanistan War

 Libya War

Presently, are the people fighting for their own country or nations? Are they fighting for independence? Are they fighting for getting relief from their dictator’s rules? Is somebody pushing them for doing this violence? So that, once this violence will get its name as revolution.  I have lots of asking regarding this. If I ask to the people of the world, Do you want war? The answer will be No.

I think, fifty percent war of the world can be avoided. Just we have to pay our attentions and focus our views on some matter. Stop holding the power unnecessarily and illegally. Stop trying to establish wrong and unfair decision by force on others. Nobody should not poke their nose in everywhere. Politician should not be double standard. Reduce making, selling and using arms and weapons. Another thing, which is more important and that is democracy. The democracy should be established everywhere.

The war and violence can not be any ones expectations. We do not want to see wounded people. Do not want to see the death. Do not want to see destroying our world. We want to live. We want to keep our world safe. We want peace.

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